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NDTA is an educational, non-profit organization dedicated to fostering a strong and efficient transportation system in support of national defense. It is an organization of Commercial, Government, and Military Professionals.





The National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA) has two types of memberships, Corporate and Individual.  Within each of these two types of memberships, there are several categories. Please read on for a more detailed explanation of the different membership types and categories.

Corporate Membership:

An organization or firm interested in transportation may apply for corporate/company membership in NDTA.  As a member company, you will have the opportunity to work with other national and international companies as well as government agencies to develop a more efficient transportation system, prepared to meet national security needs.  Company membership in NDTA will provide you with the advantage of participating in meaningful dialogue and study with other business and government leaders on today's trade and transportation problems.

  We offer two types of company memberships: Sustaining Memberships and Regional Patron Memberships.


The Chairman's Circle is a special group of Sustaining Member benefactors who have agreed to contribute $5,000 annually, in addition to their corporate membership, to insure the viability of NDTA and, at the same time, support expanded programs for our membership.  The additional resources and personal involvement of our members allows us to provide greater committee support, sponsorship of technical and professional development seminars on a regular basis, and expanded coverage of our professional programs in our Journal.


  NDTA Headquarters requires the name of the company interested in corporate membership, the type of membership (Sustaining or Regional Patron) the company wants, the name of an officer of the company (and his/her title) and the company address.  NDTA will then prepare an invitation to join package, with a cover letter signed by NDTA's President.  Each corporate member is listed in every issue of the Defense Transportation Journal (DTJ), on the Honor Roll page.  Also, each corporate member is listed in the ALMANAC issue of the Journal in some detail.  For further information, please contact Lee Mathews, VP Marketing & Corporate Development, e-mail: lee@ndtahq.com. 

Click here for the Corporate Membership Application.


Individual Membership:

By joining NDTA, the individual becomes a member of the Authoritative Voice on Defense Transportation, with membership activity throughout the World.  Membership offers you an opportunity to serve your community in your own area of expertise. In NDTA, you are involved in what is happening in this ever changing transportation industry.

  You will benefit from the exchange of ideas, concepts and information.  The NDTA Annual Forum and Exposition, held in the United States, brings together top industry and government leaders to discuss the timeliest issues of the day.  NDTA participation will afford you the satisfaction of knowing that your time, energy, and professional talents make a meaningful contribution. At the same time, you will be better informed and thus a better representative of your organization.

  NDTA dedicates considerable time and effort to the improvement of transportation education and career development.  It has an active merit scholarship program, student chapters at several universities/colleges, operates a job placement service for members, and has a strong Action-35 program designed to enhance career development of young transportation professionals.

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Membership Services:

As a part of NDTA membership, an individual receives the following benefits:


Merit Scholarships:

 NDTA offers scholarship and tuition assistance programs to members and financial dependents of members.

The Merit Scholarship Program provides tuition assistance to college students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in transportation, physical distribution, logistics, or a combination of the above, or tuition assistance to graduating high school students planning to attend college. Applicants must indicate that they plan to enroll in an undergraduate degree program (there are no limits placed on the areas of study but transportation, logistics, and related fields are encouraged).

The NDTA Presidential Committee will determine what percentage of scholarship/tuition assistance funds available for a specific scholarship year will be allocated to the two merit scholarship programs.  NDTA scholarship/tuition assistance funds can only be disbursed to an academic institution on behalf of the successful applicant. If the institution is not known at the time an application is submitted, the successful applicant must submit documentation showing that he/she has in fact been accepted by an institution as a fulltime student, before disbursements can be made.


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